Four Horsemen has a team of professionals who are available through out the projects for their clients. We are committed to provide best services and solutions. Projects are meant to be successful only when there is a driving force in positive direction. If required we provide on premises consultants to keep the system operational and enforced till the clients are satisfied with their employed team.

We can assure successful project execution and operational by following change management program. Below are the companies we have worked with.

Journey - bags for life

Journey is an online E-Commerce company with vast variety of bags for modern fashion enthusiast.

About Journey.....

Journey is proud to be an Industry of Introducing cotton Canvas Products. They strive for improvement, excellence & integrity in both our business and charitable relations. A Brand with an innovative range that delivers creative designs keeping the style up-to-date with the latest International trends. The Inspiration of our classic canvas bags come from talented Artists and their Unique Artwork. Journey is using natural materials like cotton Canvas. These bags are eco-friendly, functional and captivating. Every print and design is created with the vision of something found in Nature. It is for like-minded people who are influenced by modern trends.

Four Horsemen has implemented Manager software for their back office requirements. Now they have more control over their daily book keeping needs.

New Era Furnishers

New Era Furnishers is contracting and construction company dealing with turn-key and renovation projects. New Era Furnishers furniture manufacturing division is designing state of the art office and home furniture. They also provide imported furniture to their clients and customers.

Four Horsemen was reached to provide world best practices for their construction projects as well as in furniture manufacturing. Initially New Era Furnishers was using manual and very basic system to fulfill their day to day job. There was no system or application that can be used to find out at the end of the month where the company stands. We have introduced company policies according to set of rules based on international standards and best practices. Standard Operating Processes (SOP) will help them define proper workflows and hence using Manager Accounting Software they are moving towards their future goals. Management can now look forward to focus on new aspects of business and to take it to next level of their vision for New Era Furnishers.

Radio Score

One of its kind, Radio Score was established in 2014 in Lahore. Company offers accurate data on radio audience measurement. Radio Score offer corporations the necessary information regarding Target Audience, facilitate big conglomerates as well as small business setups to target the right audience with maximum audience reach. This data assists them in reaching maximum number of listeners in the least possible expense. Furthermore, capturing audience in inaccessible and remote areas of the country has also become possible.

They were looking for their accounting and invoicing to be streamlines. Four Horsemen resolved the issues they were facing in routine work and implemented SOP to accompany Manager Accounting Software.